We all love our veterans~ we all support our Veterans~ without them we would not be a free country! So in support, Gary & the studio e band perform a concert called
WARRIORS ROCK! that consists of great music, an incorporation of Great Veterans and an ending that is so emotional it will renew your patriotism!


Here are a few pictures from the last concert - and a clip from the night!

Watch Darryl Worley
as he shares his thoughts and feelings about Gary Racan and the Studio e Band.

The hottest tickets in town!
Get the hottest tickets in town for a fabulous tribute concert that's filled with great music & our hero's: local veterans!!


'Warriors Rock' Concert To Benefit Operation StrongVet

Staying connected can be tough on our troops stationed overseas and their loved ones still at home. KDKA's Sarah Arbogast has more on a program bridging the gap, through music.