Washington DC Bands 
represented exclusively by studio e in

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Cello Fury
3 cello's playing everything from rock

to classical...awesome sound / unique



Guitar/Flute Duo
playing your requests...can perform a

cocktail hour of Beatles music to classical

to standards!Click here to hear Lennon

and McCartney’s “Norwegian Wood”

Click here to hear

Lennon and McCartney’s “Eleanor Rigby”

Salty Dawgs
authentic mardi gras music performing.jazzy blues with attire to match!


Giambelli String Quartet or Trio
fabulous, professional and produced for your ceremomy.
Click here to hear the Giambelli String Quartet perform “You Raise Me Up” Click here to hear the Giambelli String Quartet perform “One Hand, One Heart”

Candyman: Asian Candy Artist
One of a kind in the world…your guests will leave with a priceless candy sculpture that was created in front of them. Shaun is a favorite of the White House, celebrity parties, the Playboy Mansion, and our exclusive Pittsburgh clients!
Click here for a video presentation.


Wacky Wendy
She is wacky…her name is Wendy…and she is truly one of the best! Another “one of a kind in the world” entertainers…Wendy strolls your party or event with her kios filled with her “high end paper plates” and bling like that, as she talks to you, she creates a one of a kind hat that is made specifically for you or your guest! As she cuts, she is telling hilarious jokes…one of the funniest women we know (besides Kim).
Click here for a video presentation.


Peanut Butter
Peanut and his team of Butters are fabulous artists who create beautiful images with spray makeup on your guests’ faces, heads (the hairless part…okay, bald men!), arms, thighs, backs…anywhere that skin is exposed! This is not your typical makeup artist!


Wacky Wireman
He strolls, he twists his wire…he gives your guests a keepsake of anything that they ask of him…a caricature, an animal, a sign…all made out of wire!! Amazing!!!


The interactive robot who has a heart and a brain…kids and adults love this 150 pound hunk of steel and metal! He talks, he walks, he speaks to your guests and they are baffled…we can’t give the secret away but Sprokit will be the hit!!
Click here for a video presentation.


Boardwalk Games, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Activities, Games
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Rock and Soul Band 
a New York Based Band
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